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Windows Vista™ Extreme Edition® R2

- Installation will take some more time because of extraction on 20000 small gadget files and thousands of drivers file and its installation. but its worth to wait. ( and its 4 GB of data in wim file ). - Do NOT INSTALL KB940510 HOTFIX. It will deactivate your windows. This hotfix is not integrated and will show up in your update list. - It is safe to update your windows. but read above note. - Use any genuine Activator placed inside "Activators" Directory of your desktop to activate vista.Although none of these activators will work on Dell PC.So If you use a crap Dell PC , then you have to find an activator yourself. Dont ask me about it. - Use dreamscenes only if you have capable graphics card. also AERO needs dx9.0c capable card to enable glass effects. - softwares included are uninstallable.